On-farm conservation of crop diversity forms important activity, and a tool for enriching crop diversity, creating seed sovereignty by safeguarding germplasm within farming communities. Traditional seeds are multiplied as it has the ability to adapt to changing climates and environmental conditions and is one way to mitigate risks for farmers. This has resulted in significant strengthening of farmers’ conservation capacities, enhanced breeding skills and new crops are bred to suit climate conditions, any environment and with better productivity.

The main aim of demonstrating different landraces together is to create awareness among other farmers of the same village and neighboring villages which could further spread in cultivation area of the traditional varieties. On-farm conservation and the concept of diversity blocks for characterization and participatory varietal selection trials of rice, millets, wheat,Egg plant, Carrot and Okra has been adapted by many farmers and organizations in other states of India, which was supported with technical know-how from Sahaja Samrudha.