Our Publications

Apart from extensively writing in the media on agrobiodiversity; do it yourself, sharing new ideas, seed info and so on. Published articles of own experiences and discoveries have been eye openers for many. Sahaja Samrudha has bought out 25 publications on organic farming, seed diversity and culture and on.

Sahaja Media a unique path to sustainable agriculture. Sahaja Media has taken a path to publishing documentaries, short stories, books, calendars on agriculture activities. Sahaja Media creates incredible design publications in simple language and at affordable price to all.

Millet Calendar 2016

A path to good health! – In order to fortify our traditional food system and easily include the high fibre food into our daily diet, ‘Millet Calendar 2016’ a unique and the first of its kind is brought out with efforts of Sahaja Samrudha, an organic farmers association of Karnataka. The calendar looks at the kind of foods the body is most comfortable with and explores the most appropriate ways of consuming such foods. It journeys with you to look at the benefits of millet, and some delicious recipes that linger in your mouth.

Varadeya Vadalina Haadu Paadu Krushi Samskruthi Adyayana

A fact book on agriculture, people, culture and climatic conditions of people based in the bank of Varada River. Jointly edited by Vishwanath Anekatte and Shantha Kumar.

Anna Tinni...!

Second Edition

A booklet about rice history, food system and health by Dr. Satyanarayan Bhat and Dr.H.S. Prema.

'Abhivruddhi Rathada Chakradai Sikki Biddavaru'

Second Edition

A transcription of Dr. Devendra Sharma’s talk. Transcripted by Nagesh Hegde, Senior Journalist.

Varadeya Vadalina Haadu Paadu Krushi Samskruthi Adyaya

A guidance book on organic agriculture certification, written by Vasudeva Adamaru.

''Sahaja Samrudha Saagi Banda Dari"

Introduction to Sahaja Samrudha – organic farmers association of Karnataka, Compiled by K.Rekha Sampath

'Ten steps towards organic farming'

Both in English and Kannada – 2nd Edition
A good guide on organic farming for farmers who are coverting their farm to organic.

"Allanirina Batha - Varadeya Madilina Achchari"

A book on deep water rice edited by G. Krishna Prasad, Poornapraganya Bellur and Raghunandana Bhat, published by Save our Rice Campaign and Sahaja Samrudha.

"Akkare Akki Bhalire Batha

A book on rice written by Nagesh Hegde, Senior Journalist, published by Save our Rice Campaign and Sahaja Samrudha.

'Velvet Beans - Nelakke Jeeva Tumbuva Magic Balli'

Farmers experiences, articles and benefits of a green manure plant – Velvet bean is documented by Ganadhalu Srikanta, Jouranalist

'Shatasrungada salinalli....'

Anand Pyati’s collection of his own articles on organic farming is framed to a publication.

"Batha - Baridaguthiruva Annada Battalu"

A book on rice culture, cultivation and politics, written by Mallikarjuna Hosapalya, published by Save our Rice Campaign and Sahaja Samrudha.

"Tadrupi Kaadu- Anna koduva ananya toota"

A book on cultivation of Analog Forestry written by Krishna Prasad and Shivananda Kalave

"BTge Ottu - Badanege Kuttu- Naati Badanege odagida kantaka"

A book on Local Brinjal Diversity & culture and affects of BT brinjal written by Krishna Prasad and Anand Pyati published by Save our Rice Campaign, Sahaja Samrudha and Bhoomi

"Savayava Sambrama - Krishikarigondu Sarala Kaipidi"

A book for organic farming starters by Ravi.R Vishwanathapura Published by Sahaja Samrudha


A booklet about farmer innovation of finger millet cultivation written by Mallikarjuna Hosapalya, Transcription by Anitha Reddy, published by Sahaja Samruddha