Taking steps in the Organic Way

Its not just an organizations, its a People’s movement to build sustainable villages and
conserve the rich agro biodiversity.

Works to preserve and improve indigenous Crop Varieties

Helps to regenerate soil and rebuild lifestock, in keeping our traditional farming practices.

Largest wholesaler of Organic Rice and Millets in Karnataka

27 years of seed conservation and sustaining farming communities

Sahaja Samrudha is a people’s movement for safeguarding agrobiodiversity, building sustainable villages, and ensuring food futures the
organic way.

We started as a farmer initiated to exchange ideas, seeds and share knowledge on sustainable agriculture. The formation of Sahaja Samrudha was the culmination of their individual efforts into a more exciting and powerful force to make sustainable agriculture a way of life of the farming community.

Sahaja Organics is the largest wholesaler of organic rice and millets in Karnataka. It has developed a connectivity network of consumers and producers.

Sahaja Seeds is a farmer –owned brand that produces high quality, organically grown, traditional, public domain vegetable and food crop seeds.

Sahaja Media is an outsourcing company. we have Publication, Photography, Shortfilms etc.. and other media works

Krishikala is an initiative of Sahaja Samrudha for the conservation of traditional crop varieties and their many art forms.

Certified Organic Farmers




"I support organic farming and traditional seed conservation activities of Sahaja"

– Ramesh Bhat, Popular actor, Kannada Film Industry

"Organic foods are best for our health"

– V. Manohar, Famous Music Director, Kannada Film Industry


We took some Initiation program in saving and growing of Organic Farming Method in conserving variets of crops

Return to Roots

Return to Roots

Root and tuber crops are important part of staple diet of many tribal communities that the organization works with. Nutritionally, roots and tubers have a great potential to provide economical sources of dietary energy in the form of carbohydrates. Though not much...

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Guli Ragi, for a bountiful harvest

Guli Ragi, for a bountiful harvest

Sahaja Samrudha popularlised farmer centered innovation from Karnataka -System of crop intensification (SCI) of Finger millet or the ‘Guli Ragi’. This method of cultivation has been highly recognized and increasingly applied throughout the country. The innovation that...

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Farmers Revive Millets

Farmers Revive Millets

Revival of once growing crop ‘Millets’ by farmers in the villages of Kundagol taluk has re-introduced millet multicropping system that reinforces food security of small and marginal farmers. Hanumanahalli village of the sametal uk has been named by the state...

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