About Us

Who We Are…

Sahaja Samrudha is a people’s movement for safeguarding agrobiodiversity, building sustainable villages, and ensuring food futures the organic way.
Sahaja Samrudha meaning ‘Bountiful Nature’, works farmers to preserve and improve indigenous crop varieties, to regenerate soil and rebuild lifestock, and to capitalize on the wisdom of our traditional farming practices.
From its modest beginning, the organization has grown into a vibrant organization spearheading a thriving movement for the regeneration of Indian food, farming and communities through

¬†multiple innovative projects. It has built organic networks between producers and consumers that protect both food quality and farmers’ livelihood.

Our Objectives

  • To promote sustainable agriculture and create awareness on the need to conserve natural resources and traditional knowledge systems
  • To conduct on-farm research and standardize sustainable agriculture practices
  • To capacitate Farmers, Panchayat representatives, Non government organisations, Government Officials and Policy planners on sustainable agriculture and natural resource management
  • To assist in implementation of sustainable farming techniques to farmers and grassroots organizations, in the process of converting their land into organic farms
  • To disseminate information, research outcome, knowledge and thought on sustainable agriculture and natural resource management through publications and audio/visual materials
  • To facilitate procurement, marketing and sales of organically produced products



Sahaja Samrudha is more than just an NGO, it is a People’s movement to preserve India’s traditional farming
practices and conserve the rich biodiversity of indigenous crop varieties.

Our Programs

Some of the programs that has been started and supporting by Sahaja Samrudha for farmers in purpose of create awareness about conservation and its importance.

Reviving Millet Diversity

Karnataka is home to an astounding array of millets such as Ragi (Finger millet), Jola(Sorgum), Sajje(Pearl millet), Navane(Foxtail millet , Saave (Little millet), Udalu (Barnyard Millet), Baraga(Proso Millet, Korale(Browntop Millet) and Haraka (Kodo Millet) etc.

Revival of Traditional Maize

Maize is one of the most versatile emerging crops having wider adaptability under varied agro-climatic conditions. Globally, maize is known as queen of cereals because it has the highest genetic yield potential among the cereals.

Diversity Blocks

On-farm conservation of crop diversity forms important activity, and a tool for enriching crop diversity, creating seed sovereignty by safeguarding germplasm within farming communities.

"Sahaja Samrudha proudly proclaims to have motivated many towards the organic path"